Welcome to the Goat

Sleeved freshly farcasted and just a few days from their destination, the gang arrives on the Season of The Goat scum swarm to an unpleasant surprise: their benefactor's funds have left them with an odd assortment of sub-optimal morphs. Shakti and Höhle are squeezed into a pair of Neotenics, Zhang and Jane are in run of the mill Specialist Pods, and Kara and Cathulu are making do with borrowed Steel and Dragonfly morphs that force them out of their comfort zones. With some time to kill, they split up and start hunting for better options.

Shakti hunts for some criminal contacts, and calls in a favor for scrubbed blueprints to a high-end combat rifle that will surely serve the gang well in the future. Cathulu begins outfitting her Dragonfly with secret weapon mounts Just In Case™, and Kara focuses on armoring up her Steel morph for conflict that's sure to come.

Meanwhile, Lolo's deep reservoir of @-rep scores big. After some quick introductions, the swarm's current figurehead asks them for a favor in exchange for liberal fabber access: Check out the El Dorado, a Night Cartel transport that's been tagging along with the swarm since it rounded Discord over a year ago. Conveniently, Shakti's buddy is one of the crew, and he's looking to hitch a ride onto the swarm's part ship…