All augmentation nanoware is advanced nanotechnology, consisting of a grape-sized nanobot generator that produces specialized nanomachines. Nanoware is available for synthmorphs and bots in addition to biomorphs.

Variable Implanted Nanotoxin

The morph has an implanted nanobot hive that produces nanotoxins. This implant is designed so that the character can deploy these nanobots instantly via a scratch with claws, spraying with saliva, or simply making continuous bare-skin contact. Characters can choose whether or not to deploy these nanobots.

Low Medichines

This is the most common form of nanoware. These nanobots monitor the user's body at a cellular level and fix any problems that arise. Medichines eliminate most diseases, drugs, and toxins (but not nanodrugs or nanotoxins) before they can do more than minor harm to the host (see Drug Effects).

High Mental Speed

With this nanoware system, nanobots alter the character's neural architecture and augment the functioning of their neurons. The character can deliberately speed up their mind to think and also receive and process sensory information far faster than ordinary humans.

Moderate Nanophage

These nanobots patrol the body, alert for signs of intrusive nanodrugs or -toxins and destroying them before they have more than a minor effect. Nanophages provide automatic immunity against nanodrugs and nanotoxins unless they are specifically commanded to stand down by the user, via their mesh implants.

Moderate Oracles

These neural macrosensing nanobots pay attention to the sensory input on which the character is not focusing, alerting them about important things they might otherwise overlook. Oracles also act as a sort of memory buffer and search aid, extending short term memory, helping the character recall memories and details, and crosschecking them with other memories.

Moderate Respirocytes

These nanobots act as highly-efficient artificial red blood cells, increasing the ability to transfer oxygen and carbon dioxide. This increases the morph's ability to hold their breath to 4 hours and increases DUR by +5.

Moderate Wrist-Mounted Tools

The morph has a 6 centimeter-wide metal band containing nanobot generators implanted around each wrist. These nanobots link together to duplicate the function of a utilitool, creating narrow, highly flexible arms that each ends in a specialized tool.