Physical Modifications

These mods are applied to a shell’s physical frame.

High Advanced Internal Articulation

The design and arrangement of the flexbot's rigid superstructure is bleeding edge. The timeframe for shape changing is reduced by half. It also suffers no SOM penalties for hyper-extending its limbs. This modification must be added when the morph is first acquired.

High Body Mass Converter

The flexbot is able to convert small bits of its own body mass into ammunition or fabricator feedstock if needed. The bot may convert 1 DUR into 10 rounds of kinetic or spray weapon ammunition or 1 kilogram of inorganic feedstock.

Moderate Cyberbrain

Cybernetic brains are where the ego (or controlling AI) resides in synthmorphs and pods. Modeled on biological brains, cyberbrains have a holistic architecture and serve as the command node and central processing point for sensory input and decision-making. Only one ego or AI may "inhabit" a cyberbrain at a time; to accommodate extras, mesh inserts or a ghost-rider module must be used.

Expensive Extreme Heat Shielding

This enhancement bolsters the synthmorph's tolerance to extremely high temperatures with heat-resistant materials, heat sinks, and bulky coolant systems. This modification increases the morph's Durability by 25% (not included) while reducing its Movement Rate by half (not included) and modifying COO by -10 (included). Morphs with his augmentation can withstand temperatures up to 500 C.

Expensive Extreme Pressure Adaptation

Morphs with this mod undergo serious structural reinforcement, enabling them to withstand pressure of up to 100 atmospheres. This modification increases the morph's Durability by 50% (not included) while reducing its Movement Rate by half (not included)and modifying COO by -10 (included).

Expensive Invisibility

This enhancement works much like the invisibility cloak. The shell is completely sealed within a layer of metamaterials with a negative refrac-tive index, making it invisible to the microwave and ultraviolet wavelengths and everything in between.

Moderate Mass Transfer

The flexbot may transfer up to half of its Durability to another bot that also has the mass transfer enhancement. The donated mass may not cause the recipient bot to exceed its normal maximum Durability. Transferring mass doesn't transfer armor or any augmentations to the recipient bot. Transferring mass may change the target size of the donor bot (see Flexbot Size, p. 204).

Expensive Modularized Gear

Allows any small-sized or smaller item of equipment to be directly integrated into the flexbot's body. Modularized gear can't be dropped, pickpocketed, or disarmed. A flexbot with the shape adjusting enhancement may retract modular gear into its body, making it extremely difficult to detect. Tests to find retracted modular gear using penetrative scans such as t-rays are at a -30.

Moderate Radar Absorbent

The shell is constructed with materials that either pass, absorb, or trap radar and terahertz waves, reducing its sensor signature. Though sensor processing has improved significantly, radar absorbent materials can still provide some protection from detection. Apply a -20 modifier to detect the shell with radar and tera-hertz frequencies.

Expensive Radar Invisibility

This shell is coated with a layer of radar-transparent metamaterials with a negative refractive index. It is effectively invisible to radar waves; they simply bend around the shell as if it were not there. The shell cannot be detected by radar, but is visible at other frequencies.

High Radiation Shielding

This enhancement hardens the morph to exposure from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation. This will protect the morph in most situations that would be harmful to others, but at the gamemaster's discretion is only of limited effectiveness against extremely powerful sources of radiation (such as Jupiter's electromagnetic field) over prolonged periods.

High Smart Swarm

The modular drones in this swarm are capable of forming shapes. A standard swarm can form a 1-meter tall body or base with up to 4 half-meter limbs. These limbs can engage in very limited physical activity and tool use. They are considered to have an aptitude maximum of 5 for COO, REF, and SOM. For strength/size-related options (p. 96), their Durability is halved.

Expensive Squish Bot

The flexbot is of soft, flexible construction, consisting of reconfigurable parts in a liquid matrix with a soft outer skin. The flexbot must have the shape adjusting augmentation to take this augmentation. All shapeadjusting tasks take half the usual time.