The modular drones in this swarm are capable of forming shapes. A standard swarm can form a 1-meter tall body or base with up to 4 half-meter limbs. These limbs can engage in very limited physical activity and tool use. They are considered to have an aptitude maximum of 5 for COO, REF, and SOM. For strength/size-related options (p. 96), their Durability is halved. Any skill use involving leverage, strength, or fine dexterity suffers a -30 modifier or may not be possible (gamemaster discretion). Shaped swarms can manipulate gear that is small in size (see Gear Sizes, p. 297, EP) or smaller without penalty. They suffer a -30 modifier for manipulating medium-sized gear and cannot use larger gear. Shapes can be targeted in combat, though they usually gain the Small Size advantage (p. 95). A shaped swarm takes normal physical damage rather than following the combat rules for nanoswarms.