Narcoalgorithms are software programs that simulate the effects of drugs on biological bodies. Almost all bio, chemical, and nano drugs can be replicated as narcoalgorithms, with corresponding effect (gamemaster discretion). Standard duration is 3 hours. Addiction to narcoalgorithms is considered mental. Narcoalgorithms may be run by infomorphs, egos encased in cyberbrains (pods and synthmorphs), simulmorphs, and even AIs.


Originally crafted by prankster hackers and distributed as a virus, DDR (for "Dance Dance Robot") triggers impulses in the target's motor control circuits. Primary targeting robot AIs, the effect is that targets "dance" in jerky, automated movements. Pleasure receptors are also activated so that dancing — and movement of any kind — feels good.

Low Linkstate

This software actually connects the user to a peer-to-peer network, where it randomly connects to other linkstate users and samples a bit of their XP feed and randomly accessed memories"typically just enough to provide context, but not enough to acquire private personal details.