Almost all of the vehicles in current use, including all of the vehicles listed here, have built-in AIs capable of piloting the vehicle under almost all circumstances. In most cases, passengers simply state their destination and the vehicle takes them there. Manual piloting is primarily used in emergencies or by people who prefer the exotic thrill of controlling their own vehicle.

Moderate Automech

Automechs are general purpose repair drones, found just about everywhere. Each particular automech tends to specialize in a particular type of repair work and so carries the appropriate tools and AI skills, whether it be habitat waste recyclers, outer hull integrity, or servitor systems.

Crazypants Autonomous Kill Vehicle

The main defense for the Stars Our Destination swarm is nearly three dozen autonomous kill vehicles: heavily armed and armored drones that spend most of their time latched on to other ships in the eet or drifting on the edges of the otilla looking for threats.

Crazypants Autonomous Kill Vehicle

The main defense for the swarm is nearly three dozen autonomous kill vehicles: heavily armed and armored drones that spend most of their time latched on to other ships in the fleet or drifting on the edges of the flotilla looking for threats.

Expensive Battlesuit

The battle suit powered exoskeleton features a military-grade fullerene armor shell with flexible aerogel for thermal insulation and a diamond-hardened exterior designed to resist even potent ballistic and energy-based weapons.

Moderate Black Wing

A backpack made of smart fabric. When activated, it forms into a rigid wing with a span of 8 meters in 1 Action Turn.

Moderate Bughunter

Flying Drones that eliminate all sensors in an area.

Moderate Caretaker

A bot designed to care for smart animals.

Expensive Cargo Hauler

A Large freight hauler equipped for off road use. Passenger compartments provide life support for two.

Crazypants Crasher Truck

A less expensive version of the GEV (EP p. 348), except it has no rockets for space flight.

Low Creepy

Creepies are small crawler bots that come in an eclectic variety of shapes and forms, from robosquirrels to insectoids to bizarre and artsy mechanical creatures. Creepies were originally designed as a sort of robotic pet, but they are commonly used as a general purpose household minion, like a more beloved servitor.

Moderate Cycle

Because of the high cost of enclosing a habitat and providing life support, space is at a premium in all cities except some of the newest cities on Mars. As a result, there is rarely room for large roads or the cars that once carpeted the roads of Earthly cities.

Expensive Deep Sea Submarine

This mini-submersible is capable of carrying four passengers and a small amount of cargo all of the way to sea floor on Europa.

Expensive Defense Platform

This robotic weapons platform is a defensive system for small settlements. They are often placed in orbit to guard against encroaching intruders.

Expensive Diving Exoskeleton

This hardsuit-like exoskeleton enables the wearer to swim in the high-pressure depths of subsurface oceans.

Low Diving Sled

This deep sea sled can pull along 2 passengers or 1 passenger with cargo.

Moderate Dr. Bot

These wheeled medical robots are designed to tend to and transport injured or sick people. They carry a healing vat, a specialized pharmaceuticals maker, miscellaneous medical gear, and articulated arms for conducting remote surgery.

Expensive Dwarf

These large industrial bots are named not just for their primary use"mining, excavation, tunneling, and construction"but because the default AIs they shipped with had a programmed tendency to happily whistle as they worked.

Low EVA Sled

This small sled uses air impellers to maneuver in zero-G. It is commonly used to carry attached gear, but may also pull along 1 human-sized morph.

Moderate Exotech Angel

Similar to gnats, guardian angel rotorcraft hover around their charges, keeping a watchful eye out to protect them from threats. This combat-ready variant is used by the Exotech Risk Specialist.

Moderate Exowalker

Exowalkers are minimal framework exoskeletons, primarily designed to bolster the wearer's strength and movement. They provide a +10 modifier to strength-based tests, and double the distance by which the character may jump.