On Mars, Venus, and within large open-space habitats like O’Neil cylinders, aircraft of various kinds see regular use. This includes modern version of rotorcraft (helicopters, autogyros, tilt-rotors), fixed-wing planes, and zeppelins and other lighter-than-air craft. These are typically propelled by turbofan or jet engines, rotors, or vectored thrust.

Crazypants Large Jet

A jet the size of a small 20th-century commercial airliner. Carries 150 passengers at 1,100 kph up to 40,000 km

Low Microlight

This ultra-light personal aircraft is not much more than a strut-based wing, an airframe, and an electric propeller engine. They are ideal for getting around inside large habitats with enclosed airspace.

Expensive Passenger Airship

A massive transport that is buoyant in the Venusians atmosphere can carry up to 100 passengers and 20 tons of cargo.

High Passenger Balloon

An unpowered aircraft buoyant in the Venusians atmosphere. Primarily used by tourists and the wealthy.

High Portable Plane

Powered by superconducting batteries and with an exceedingly small but powerful electric motor, this light but durable propeller plane is made of smart materials that allow it to be swiftly folded up into a small portable package. Different versions are designed for flight on Mars, Titan, or Venus, each taking 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble.

Expensive Rocket Buggy

This vehicle is the most common form of medium to long distance personal transport on Luna, and is in common on most other moons and large asteroids. On these airless worlds, a rocket buggy can reach orbit and return or take a parabolic path to any destination on that moon in less than an hour. This vehicle is also regularly used to travel between habitats that are less than 30,000 km apart.

Expensive Small Jet

Methane-powered jet planes are one of the most common forms of fast transport on Mars and Venus. Similar planes are used on Titan, except that they carry both liquid methane and liquid oxygen. These jets range in size from huge vehicles the size of late 20th-century airliners to small planes designed to carry half a dozen passengers.

Low Thruster Pack

Worn for EVA duties, this thruster pack uses vectored thrust nozzles, allowing a character to maneuver in open space. This is not a jetpack and does not produce enough thrust for atmospheric movement.

Crazypants Titanian Cargo Copter

This massive dual-rotor helicopter takes advantage of Titan's atmosphere and gravity. It can carry 15 tons of cargo or 30 personnel.

Expensive Utility Helicopter

This is a standard helicopter design from Earth. It is commonly used for cargo transport, medevac, ground/air assault, and command/control.