Vael Ganesasivagnam

After the fall, I was young, broke, and scared. I had thought myself a good person, a proud person. But I turned to scavenging to survive by the skin of my teeth. I picked up one smuggling  job and I became a criminal. I joined a crew of pirates and lost myself completely in the adrenaline and desperation. After years of building trust and friendships with my crew, we found ourselves looting a hypercorp ship with uplifts on board. They were kept in horrible condition, the cruelty was obvious even to pirates. We killed, but we didn’t torture. Everything we did felt justified. But what we saw there was clearly unjustifiable. It wasn’t cruelty for survival, it was cruelty because the option to be cruel was available. We made a choice that was nearly unanimous. The uplifts came with us, free to be who they wanted to be. Free to stay with us or leave to find their way. But freedom isn’t so easily pirated. Anywhere we wanted to go was a dangerous place for uplifts. We didn’t know if our contacts would protect their free will or just sell them back to their hypercorps... or worse. We found our salvation when we met up with a group of Ultimates on an asteriod near Saturn. They believed uplifts could be whatever they wanted. They believed all of us could be whatever we wanted. The best versions of ourselves. They wanted to help us and they wanted us to help other uplifts. So we could join together and help each other in pursuit of perfect. Our lives as pirates changed then. We felt like we’d been given a higher purpose. We were lost, but they helped us find our way. And now we could rescue other lost souls just by doing what we do best. I hadn’t felt good about who I was in such a long time. They made me feel like I could be… proud again. Like I wasn’t just living for survival. I was living to be me, but me to the extreme. I feel like I have no limits now. We’re fucking unstoppable. We’re Ultimate.

15 20 15 20 15 30 20 2
7 2 8 40 80 8 40 60
  • Melee Unarmed strike (92) DV 1d10 + SOM/10