Gear is all of the equipment your character owns and keeps on their person, from weapons and armor to clothing and electronics. You buy gear for your character with customization points during character creation (see Purchase Gear, p. 137) and in the game with Credit or Rep. Certain restricted, illegal, or hard-to-find items may require special efforts to obtain (see Acquiring Gear, p. 296). If you have access to a nanofabricator, you may be able to simply build gear, presuming you have the proper blueprints (see Nanofabrication, p. 284).

Even among the remaining capitalist economies, prices can vary drastically. To represent this, all gear falls into a cost category. Each category defines a range of costs, so the gamemaster can adjust the prices of individual items as appropriate to the situation. Each category also lists an average price for that category, which is used during character generation and any time the gamemaster wants to keep costs simple.

Expensive Apiary

The apiary is a mini-swarmanoid that attaches to a flexbot.

Expensive Aquanaut

Aquanauts are environmentally adapted for underwater activities. Their heart rate slows while underwater, their skin includes a layer of blubber that retains heat, they store oxygen in their muscle tissue, and they do not suffer negative health effects from pressure changes. Additionally, their eyes have nictitating membranes and their corneas adjust to counter underwater refraction.

Aquarium Pet

Not so much a pet as a prison, aquarium pets are transgenic aquarium animals such as koi, plecos, or axolotls that have been implanted with a ghostrider module. The ghostrider module has no control over the animal’s body but is fully wired into its sensorium as if it were living a real-time XP recording. An ego “sleeved” into an aquarium pet experiences being a sh, from the sensation of swimming to autonomic drives such as hunger and urination.

Moderate AR Illusions

These databases of AR clips can be used to create realistic illusions in someone's entoptic display.

Expensive (min. 40000) Arachnoid

Arachnoid robotic shells are 1-meter in length, segmented into two parts, with a smaller head like a spider or termite. They feature four pairs of 1.5-meter-long retractable arms/ legs, capable of rotating around the axis of the body, with built-in pneumatic systems for propelling the bot with small leaps.

Expensive (min. 55000) Arachnomika

Arachnikomas are larger-sized arachnoids. Their body serves as a capsule/cockpit for one human-sized passenger/pilot (or cargo), with a hinged top. Otherwise they are similar to arachnoids in form and function.

Expensive (min. 50000) Ariel

The surprising number of transhumans who chose to sleeve in Titan-adapted hulder morphs encouraged designers on Profunda to develop a Titan-adapted flyer. While the sturdy hulder morph is designed for nomadic herders, the ariel morph is designed by people who wish to survive by hunting.

Low Arm Slide

This slide-mount can hold a pistol-sized weapon under a character’s sleeve, pushing the weapon into the character’s hand with an electronic signal or specific sequence of arm movements.

Trivial Armor Clothing

The extra-resilient organoweave fibers and fullerene materials that offer basic protection against kinetic and energy weapons can be woven in with normal smart materials to create a wide range of discreet armor clothing that provides a subtle level of security. Such protective garments are indistinguishable from regular clothing and come in all styles and designs.

Low Armor Vest

Armor vests provide more thorough protection to a body's vital areas, covering the abdomen and torso completely, protecting the neck with a rigid collar, and even providing wrap-under protection for the groin. Though armor vests are not bulky, they are obvious as armor. Armor vests may be worn with armor clothing without penalty. Armor vests provide an Armor Value of 6/6.

Low Armor-Piercing Ammo

This tungsten-carbide ammunition penetrates armor effectively.

Low Articulated Gear Mount

Similar to an articulated weapon mount, this mount allows a piece of modularized gear to be manipulated independent of the flexbot's limbs.

Moderate Articulated Weapon Mount

The Morph carries a built-on weapon. It has an wide field of fire from its articulated mount.

Trivial Atropine

Though poisonous in large doses, atropine is an effective antidote against nerve agents like BTX2 and Nervex. Easily synthesized in a maker, atropine will avert the effect whether taken soon before or after dosage by a nerve agent.

Crazypants Attaché AI

Attachés are expert-system consultants used by Titanian intelligence groups, commonly assigned to ministers and diplomats. They are typically connected by VPN to the Orchestra, which they ping for requests for information.

Low Autodelete

Though infomorphs can voluntarily delete themselves, there are some cases where a device's permissions may not allow it or the infomorph may be trapped on a lockbox (p. 146).

Moderate Automatic Rifle

Automatic rifles use rifle ammunition and have greater range and penetration than SMGs. They fire in semi-auto, burst fire, or full auto modes. They are two-handed weapons.

Moderate Automech

Automechs are general purpose repair drones, found just about everywhere. Each particular automech tends to specialize in a particular type of repair work and so carries the appropriate tools and AI skills, whether it be habitat waste recyclers, outer hull integrity, or servitor systems.

Crazypants Autonomous Kill Vehicle

The main defense for the Stars Our Destination swarm is nearly three dozen autonomous kill vehicles: heavily armed and armored drones that spend most of their time latched on to other ships in the eet or drifting on the edges of the otilla looking for threats.

Crazypants Autonomous Kill Vehicle

The main defense for the swarm is nearly three dozen autonomous kill vehicles: heavily armed and armored drones that spend most of their time latched on to other ships in the fleet or drifting on the edges of the flotilla looking for threats.