Shape-changing synthmorphs capable of joining together with other flexbots in a modular fashion to create larger shapes.

Expensive Apiary

The apiary is a mini-swarmanoid that attaches to a flexbot.

Expensive (min. 55000) Beekeeper

Beekeepers are modules used to deploy nanoswarms.

Expensive Bouba

This soft, amorphous module consists of hard parts in a fluid matrix surrounded by a tough but flexible skin. Its design doesn't allow for reshaping into new mobility systems, but it can slither along the ground or hover.

Expensive (min. 40000) Crafter

The crafter module is specialized for construction and fabrication.

Expensive (min. 45000) Fighter

Fighters are combat-oriented modules.

Expensive (min. 25000) Grimoire

Grimoires are an excellent complement to a wizard module.

Expensive Longbow

Longbows provide a weapons platform.

Expensive Picklock

Picklocks are an excellent complement to a rogue module. They are illegal or restricted in many habitats.

Expensive (min. 35000) Rogue

Rogue modules are optimized for stealth and infiltration. They are illegal or restricted in many habitats.

Expensive Sapper

Sappers are an engineering module specializing in deconstruction; they are often combined with crafter modules.

Expensive (min. 35000) Wizard

Specialized for infosec and communications tasks.

Expensive Yeoman

This is the basic flexbot module. It replaces the flexbot morph on p. 144, EP. Designed for multipurpose functions, flexbots can transform their shells to suit a range of situations and tasks. Their core frame consists of a half-dozen interlocking and shape-adjustable modules capable of auto-transforming into a variety of shapes: multilegged walker, tentacle, hovercraft, and many others.