Moderate Disruption

This nanotoxin attacks the myelin sheath on nerves, disrupting nerve impulses and inflicting symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Every hour the morph suffers a -5 modifier to COO, REF, and COG. If any aptitudes are reduced to zero, the morph is effectively paralyzed and catatonic.

Moderate Necrosis

Necrosis nanobots attack the walls of cells inside the body, killing tissue. This nanotoxin inflicts 1d10 / 2 damage per Action Turn for one minute, after which the nanobots disable and flush from the body. Necrosis only affects biomorphs.

Moderate Neuropath

These nanobots are designed to stimulate the pain receptors of a morph on a systemic level to cause agony and impairment. While most neuropaths target biological receptors, variants are available that induce comparable (phantom) pain stimulations in the cyberbrains of synthmorphs to create an equivalent effect. The affected character must succeed in a WIL x 3 Test or become incapacitated.

High Nutcracker

Nutcrackers are nanobots designed to locate, migrate, and decompose the synthdiamond case of a cortical stack within a morph by attacking its crystal lattice. This process takes approximately 6 hours, after which the cortical stack is destroyed. These nanobots also attack the cortical stack's connections to the (cyber)brain and brain-mapping nanobots.