Insomniacs find themselves unable to sleep, or unable to sleep for an extended period of time. This is most often due to anxiety about their lives or as a result of depression and the accompanying negative thought patterns. This is not the sort of sleeplessness that is brought about as a result of normal stress but rather a near total inability to find rest in sleep when it is desired. Insomniacs may find themselves nodding off at inopportune times, but never for long, and never enough to gain any restful sleep. As a result, they are frequently lethargic and inattentive as their lack of sleep robs them of their edge and eventually any semblance of alertness. Additionally, insomniacs are frequently irritable due to being on edge and unable to rest.

A character that has megalomania will demand attention and has difficulty in nearly any social situation. Additionally, they may be provoked to violence if they think they are being slighted.