Given access to a functioning mesh network or a reasonably well-trained muse, language barriers no longer concern most Transhumans. That didn't stop the genehackers of the Season Of The Goat swarm from creating the Babelfish, a novelty creature so oddly specialized it's essentially biological equipment.

Babelfish are rapid-grown amphibians, roughly the size of an elongated grape, with enough neural mass to maintain language skills and not much else. Inserted into the ear canal, they can "hear" spoken words in several languages and echo translations to the user via bone conduction. Although the standard Babelfish neural map is "primed" with four to five languages, they're capable of learning more given sufficient exposure.

Babelfish have become popular in some gatecrashing crews, where concerns about the security implications of mesh dependent communications are a concern. Some asyncs, however, have reported that the presence of a Babelfish is profoundly unsettling, producing a high-pitched whine at the very edge of their hearing.