Barbed Eel

Barbed eels are a carnivorous aquatic species found on the exoplanet Droplet that displays unusual intelligence and cunning. Though possessing bioluminescent properties, barbed eels have the capability to turn this on and off, which they use for pack hunting tactics. One eel will draw along or chase prey with its glow, while others lie dark in ambush. The same eshy barbs that illuminate also create electric poten- tial that can be discharged to stun attackers or prey in nearby water. Barbed eels show no fear of transhumans and have been observed lunging out of the water to attack prey (usually one of Droplet’s numerous amphibious species), dragging them underwater to drown.

  • Melee Bite (40) DV 1d10 + 4 + SOM/10 -2AP
  • Melee Electric Stun (40) DV 1d10 + SOM/10 + Shock
  • Bite: Bite targets may be subdued (p. 204, EP) with a Quick Action.
  • Electric Stun: No defense, 10 meter radius effect, when underwater.
  • Shock Invulnerability: Barbed eels are immune to shock effects.