Found on the exoplanet Sunrise, the whiplash expresses both plant and animal features. An arboreal carnivore, the whiplash moves among tree trunk and branches using its grasping roots, seeking out the best place to ambush prey. It extends a sap-covered vine from its mouth, extending up to 4 meters, which draws critters attracted to its sweet scent. The sap is extremely sticky, and once a creature is caught against the feeding tendril, it quickly entangles them and rolls them up to the whiplash’s waiting maw above. Trapped victims are swallowed into an acid-filled digestive sac that slowly dissolves them.

Whiplashes primarily feed on small plant-mammals and the local bird analogs, but larger and older whiplashes are capable of catching and eating transhumans and similar-sized creatures. Whiplashes are not smart enough to distinguish synthmorphs and bots as non-prey; they will grab anything that brushes against their feeding tendril and spit out whatever they can’t digest a few days later.

Several subspecies of whiplash exist, including ones with a clawed tendril and another that prefer to repeatedly pull up and drop their victims to the ground, tenderizing them before eating.

  • Melee Clawed Tendril (40) DV 2d10 + 3 + SOM/10 -1AP + Subdual
  • Melee Feeding Tendril (40) Subdual
  • Melee Ground Bash (40) DV 2d10 + SOM/10
  • Clawed Tendril: If the MoS exceeds the target’s Durability, they are subdued, as with the feeding tendril above.
  • Feeding Tendril: On its next action, medium and smaller subdued targets are swallowed. Swallowed victims cannot see, hear, or breathe (Asphyxiation, p. 194, EP), are restricted (−30 to physical actions), and suffer DV 1d10 per Action Turn (armor does not apply). A whiplash that takes 2 wounds internally will regurgitate anything swallowed on its next action.
  • Ground Bash: After subduing a victim with its tendril, the whiplash will raise and drop them on each subsequent action (without letting go), until the target no longer struggles, before swallowing.
  • Larger Variant: As above, but with SOM 25, Unarmed Combat 50 (Subdual 60), Large Size trait (+10 to hit), DUR 45, WT 9, DR 68