The largest of the moonlets, hollow Amalthea is probably the most livable sarcophagus habitat due to the large lake created from its icy core. Living on Solano carries some prestige among Junta citizens. Rumor has it that most of the residents are well-placed RAND think tank personnel, most of whom work on defense projects. A fusion-powered axial light tube illuminates the 30-kilometer diameter central cavern, whose landscape is patterned after the subdivisions and of ce parks of an early 21st-century suburb. All buildings have envirosealing so that the occasional bouts of envi- ronmental sepsis resulting from the poorly regulated interior ecosystem can be purged with toxin bombs. Less-fortunate support personnel dwell in the beehive warrens crisscrossing the moonlet’s crust between cavern and surface. Like most of Jupiter’s moonlets, Amalthea’s space crawls with patrol craft and killsats, making approach for unauthorized ships problematic at best. 1.5 million transhumans live on Solano.