The skrik strain is a variant of the mindstealer virus (p. 367, EP) that over time enforces an internal physical change.

Stage 1

Timeframe: Instantaneous-5 minutes

During stage 1, the victim’s mind is slowly but surely subverted by the virus. They are aware of this assault, and will suffer −30 to all actions as they run the gamut of fear, pain, confusion, catatonia, retching, and convulsions. Once complete, the victim is an exsurgent under the virus’s control.

Stress: 1d10 + 3 per minute

Stage 2

Timeframe: 5 minutes

After 1 week, the victim’s internal changes will be complete. From this point onward, every 2–3 days the exsurgent will vomit up a skrik (p. 136)—a miniature version of themself. Sometimes they will cough the skriks up more frequently, and sometimes they will vomit up a whole bunch at once.

Skrik Exsurgents

Skrik exsurgents are primarily motivated to spread the virus. They will try and capture the skriks they cough up so as to covertly include them in others’ meals. If they resleeve, they will make sure to infect the new morph.